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Indian made CNC Routers

Imported China CNC Routers

Users who expect very Low Price ( Economical) with Good Quality.

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Vinyl Cutting Plotters


Useful for Vinyl Cutting, Number Plates, Name Plates, Sand Blasting and etc….

Vacuum Membrane Press

It can be used to cover on the surface of the craft compound door, furniture, cabinet and sound box, also can cover veneer and thermal transfer on the surface of the door panel and furniture with the silicon membrane

Xaar and Konica Print Heads for High speed Printing

Laser Engraver/ Cutter


Useful for  Acrylic, Cloth,Vinyl Cutting,  Gift Articles, Granite Engraving,Number Plates, Name Plates, and etc….

Suitable for the users who expect Hi-Speed Wood Carving Production of 3 & 4 Axis.

Sri Datta
High Speed CNC Routers
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CNC Plasma Cutter
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CNC Stone Engraver

CNC plasma cutting machine is a atomatic and high efficiency cutting equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of carbon materials, stainness steel and nonferrous metal precision sheet metal cutting.

Engraving on Marble 2D,3D Designs and also Glass Surfaces   

T-Shirt Digital Printer